As low as Rs1,200/month1! CloudWeb offers three all-inclusive web hosting plans, that help you host your websites, blogs and web apps with complete peace of mind.
If you are starting out, the Personal plan is perfect for hosting your business website and emails. It offers the right combination of features and value for money.
100% CPU Speed
1 GiB Physical Memory
32 MB/s Disk IO
32 GiB SSD Disk Space
32 GiB Bandwidth
32 Email Accounts
3 Add-on Domains
3 MySQL Databases
The ideal plan for small-to-medium sized businesses who need the power and performance to run their websites with complete ease.
200% CPU Speed
2 GiB Physical Memory
64 MB/s Disk IO
64 GiB SSD Disk Space
64 GiB Bandwidth
64 Email Accounts
6 Add-on Domains
6 MySQL Databases
The Enterprise plan offers access to our top-tier, all-in-one suite of web services and day-to-day support, for your key, mission-critical web projects.
400% CPU Speed
4 GiB Physical Memory
128 MB/s Disk IO
128 GiB SSD Disk Space
128 GiB Bandwidth
128 Email Accounts
12 Add-on Domains
12 MySQL Databases
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