Everyone has questions. We have answered the most common questions our clients have on this page.
Do you sell .pk domain names?
How much does a .pk domain cost?
Do you sell other domain names like .com or .net?
Who owns my domain name if I register it through you?
What happens to my domain name if I don't renew it in time?
Can I transfer my .pk domain to a different registrar or agent?
Can I transfer my other domain (.com, .net, etc) to a different registrar?
Can I change my domain name?
Can I use a domain name I purchased elsewhere with your hosting service?
I bought a domain name, but it doesn't work...
What is web hosting (or hosting)?
Do I need web hosting?
Do you offer multi-domain hosting?
Do you offer Reseller hosting?
How do I get me@mydomain email accounts?
How many email accounts do I get?
Do you offer Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace?
Can I send bulk email messages from my account?
Do you offer any form of spam filtering?
Where's your data center?
What hosting platform and technology do you offer?
What is the LAMP stack?
Do I get a control panel to manage my hosting?
So to clarify, is it WHM or cPanel that I get?
Do I get Shell (SSH) access to my account?
Do I have to pay for any licenses?
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